Back in a Way


First of all, I’ve got to apologise to you my followers and subscribers. I’m really really sorry for the hiatus. It was unexpected. I had certain issues that needed to be sorted and had to be dealt with before I got back to my blogging ways…

Tell you what, there’s good news… 😏

I’m back now! 😄

You know why that’s good?

I get to see your interactions again. I get to receive your feedbacks. I mingle in ways I can. I generally get to hang out with you again as we go over what it means to be a believer and how much God’s love matters!

I’m looking forward to engaging with you once again, my friends. Let’s go! ✌🏾

Two Years!

Two years…

Two years of learning from so many wise people

Two years…

Two years of making mistakes and learning from them

Two years…

Two years of connecting with wonderful people

Two years…

Two years of giving to them and receiving from them

Two years…

Two years ago, I decided to try something new…

Something my heart drew me to…

Some way I could get to you…

Two years ago, I started blogging on WordPress, and it has been a worthwhile experience!

He Still Loves You


It really is very hard to do the right thing sometimes. Life pushes you so hard you may feel like giving up…

We may even be tempted to let go of all the principles we used to swear by…

But, I ask you to hold your fort…


Do what’s pure…

Do what’s good…

Do what’s honest…

Do what’s right…


You can…

You’re yet to discover how wildly capable you are. Reach into that part of your heart that bleeds ‘right-living’, and I’m very sure it would be alright…

Hang on to God. He’s the only one that can keep you sane right now…

He still loves you!

God still loves you!


Everyday Life With Shae And Paul

Good day to you! How’re you doing? I hope fine. Well, I’m having a great day too!

What Have I Got For You ?

So, I’ve got a little something to tell you…I have a new blog! God Loves You still remains my primary blog, but, this one is going to be great too! How’s that?And, do you know the most fun thing? I’m going to be co-running it with someone. That someone is the sweet Bibleblogger Girl from Teen, Meet God, and Shae’s Days! Her name is Shae. Most of you would know her…You should check out her blogs. She’s an excellent writer, a young person that I’d like to refer to as a sage, and quite an easy person to get along with. I’m most honoured to be doing this with her! I mean, she’s the best person to work with…

What Is The Name Of This New Blog? What Is It About?

This new blog, of course, has a name. It’s name is Everyday Life With Shae And Paul…Oh, yes! You guessed it right. It’s name gives you an insight into what it entails. It’s going to be a personal blog where we share our experiences, views, memories, and fun activities!Have you checked out Shae’s Days? I love her conversational writing. Also, I admire the way her blogging revolves around God, family, school, and a vast variety of things. That’s how Everyday Life with Shae and Paul would be….

Why Should You Follow This Blog?

This blog comes with a different flow. A broader view is what you should expect. Christian topics would obviously be written on too, no doubt…Concerning God Loves You, I know I have been very inconsistent in posting and publishing it. Forgive me, but, I’ve been (and, I’m still) working something out. I can assure you that it’d come out well in the end. This new blog isn’t taking God Loves You’s place in any way, but, I decided that since God Loves You is a christian page (I do not want to publish secular content in it), I could create a new blog where I can talk about other things…Everyday Life With Shae And Paul is going to be a worthwhile venture. I invite you to join me in this awesome adventure through everyday life!

Photo credits: Shae (Such an angel! She did this herself. I loved it, and I still love it!😁 Thanks a lot, Shae!)Share your experiences and views with me in the comments section: Do you like the new blog? What are some of the things you want me to incorporate in the new blog? Have you ever had a new blog? What was it like?

For, God Is Love

Good day, all! How’re you doing? I hope fine…

So, I’ve got a poem for you all today. This would be the first time I’d be publishing a poem on this blog. I hope it comes out nice for you all!

Sometimes, I wonder,

‘What a wonderful wonder’

How glorious

Though, it feels so nebulous

How God gave himself

That we may discover our true selves

I can never fathom

Oh, what a phenom!

I’m awestruck by His person

I doubt you wouldn’t reckon

His ways are beyond our wildest imaginations

So infinite, life itself exists by His permission

With a snap of His fingers, everything could become history

But, even with all the evil in this world, He still looks away

Yet, He choses the love way

Yet, He gave His Son away

I might never understand the way He reasons

But, I know that above others, there’s a greater reason

This reason is love

For, God Himself is Love

Written by an anonymous writer

A Post From The Archives – Love From The Inside

I happened to stumble upon this post today. It’s been a long time since this was published, but, I feel someone out there needs it – I did too, and I’ll say that it did suffice 😁😃

Please, enjoy…and learn too

This is the link:

The Pandemic, The Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) – What We can do…

Good day all…

We’ve got a big issue on our hands right now. The Coronavirus disease has affected nearly all the nations across the globe. It’s no wonder the World Health Organisation (WHO) has now considered it a pandemic…

We ought to stay strong, and remain calm. This disease will come and go…

It’s a shame that so many have lost their lives (and are still losing their lives) to this ravaging menace… My sincere condolences…

Let me tell you this, the one thing we can do now is to trust in God and rely on Him… Pray to Him and seek his protection over our lives as well as those of our loved ones…

But, this would be futile if we do not physically do all we can to protect ourselves from, or defeat it…

These are:

• Social distancing
• Disinfection and washing of hands regularly
• Prevention of physical contact with your face (however, this one is extremely hard to do. Even I haven’t been able to adhere to it), as well as others
• If symptoms are noticed, make sure to get tested and self-isolate

One thing is this: keep calm and don’t panic. This is key. Fear kills you more. It damages you psychologically…

Although prevention is better than cure, one can unfortunately contract this disease. Once this happens, do the needful. Self-isolate, and seek treatment early…
Even if you get the disease, be positive. People have beaten this disease. Why can’t you?

Above all, trust in God. He’s the only one who we can look up to in dire situations like this…

Keep calm, stay safe, and trust God…

Set Your Mindset…

Good day to you…
Yes, you…
I know the day might not feel good in any way, but, I wish you a good day still…

Greetings have a stronger effect on us than we know. As I’d earlier mentioned, they are wishes.

But, are they really wishes?
Like those of dragons and flying unicorns?
Perhaps, like the abracadabra of the magicians?

Nah… That’s not it.

Then, that could mean that ‘wishes’ do not quite qualify greetings, couldn’t it ?

Greetings, better put, could be referred to as prophetic declarations.

Greetings have a way of affecting how a day goes. They have this effect on how the day might end up. You could call them ‘short term blessings’ of some sort.

So, are we saying greetings can make our days go well?

To answer this, well,… greetings work with our own work to cement a great day. In the end, one needs to do enough to have the day go well.

Greetings are influenced by thoughts and intents. Greetings actually are not our focus here. Something else is…


This whole stuff comes down to this: our mindset.

As ironical as this may sound, I’m actually trying to change my mindset too. I’m trying a paradigm shift. To think more, to think more critically, to think more positively, and to think more creatively – these are some of my personal goals.

I want you to know that the way you think about things matter a lot and have so much effect.

Your thoughts control, influence, and dictate your actions.

You have to think more positively in negative-looking, gloomy situations.

You have to think more creatively in challenging and demanding instances.

You have to think more critically rather than drastically or sentimentally in very serious, controversial, and tricky situations.

Yes, our thoughts matter a lot. Our thoughts make up our mindset. Our mindset, in turn, basically, make us up.

Let’s put it this way: you are what you think. The Bible says, ‘…as a man thinkest in his heart, so he is…’

Your thoughts define you, that’s why we must be very careful with our thoughts. Because, these thoughts shape our mindset, our mindset shapes us, thus actions and inactions are birthed.

We all need to filter negativity in whatever form away from us.

We need to embrace possibility and positivity. We need to think without emotional attachments, and, we need to think more and more critically and creatively.

We cannot do this without God. Only him can truly guide us in our thoughts. We need to lean on Him for help.

Lean in today…

A Long Time Coming…

Good day all! 😁

It’s been quite a while since I’ve published any article in this space – I apologize deeply. Not writing for so long felt odd to me too, but, I needed that break.

Well, I’m not going to say I’m back full time yet. Let’s see how it goes.

That aside, please, don’t forget our platforms. We might not be so active in them yet, but, the Facebook page and the website are quite active.

You can reach us on these platforms:

Facebook: God Loves You

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Instagram: God Loves You – Love Hub


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Have a blessed weekend!😏

Verse To Ponder

Good day! How’re you faring? How’s your day going? I hope fine. Even if it’s not fine, please, make it fine. Your ‘heartitude’ towards any situation you’re in goes a long way. Wish you success on that one.

Tough times…?

Have we gone through tough times? Are we going through rough patches?

All these are not new to us. Even us believers are not excluded. – Yes, we’re not (John 15:18-21). Infact, the world hates us more! They hated Jesus, so, they’d hate you. That’s it, the bitter truth.

Okay, since it’s this way, are we saying that this is great or what? John 16:1-28 presents a dialogue of some sort between Jesus and the disciples where Jesus makes them (the believers) understand that despite how disheartening it sounds, we must be strong and understand that this is for our own good. They were going to receive (we, in this present time already have Him) the Holy Spirit, and everything would be made clear, everything would be understood better.

In the remaining verses, we see Jesus assure them that despite anything that could happen they should be undaunted! In all those times when you’re floundering helplessly, just be reassured that the battle is won!

I love the way the Amplified version puts out verse 33:

I have told you all these things, so that in Me you may have [perfect peace] and confidence. In the world you have tribulation and trials and distress and frustration; but, be of good cheer [take courage; be confident, certain, undaunted]! For, I have overcome the world. (I have deprived it of power to harm you, and, I have conquered it for you.)

Verse To Ponder

Good day to you, how’s everything going? I hope it’s going fine. A happy New Year to you!

Our Verse To Ponder today revolves around love, God’s love, His sacrifice, our knowing this and the expression of it.

Talking about love, We know love, na. The human love? No, that’s not the love I’m talking about. That love is carnal and carnally relevant. The love I’m talking about is of the utmost spiritual relevance.

This love is God’s love.

What’s it about? It is the love that God shows to, and expresses to (and in) us in Christ.

Christ is the expression of God’s love.

This love is perfect, this love is pure, this love is unconditional, this love indeed is God Himself, for God is love (1 John 4:8).

Love is His personality.

Love is everything He’s about.

The whole Bible heralds this one story. The Bible is a love story in the making. The story of a loving God who redeemed mankind by sending His Son to die in exchange for us.

How wonderful!

Even before we loved, He loved! It didn’t matter to Him. It still doesn’t! You know why? His love for us go beyond our past, beyond our wrongs, beyond our mistakes. His love for us is unconditional! His love for us changes us, to His image, to His person, to His love.

We should show this love to the people around us. We should love just as God has and keeps on loving us (Hebrews 13).

Expressing this love is a sure proof of our identification with the Father (1 John 4:1-10). We express His very nature when we express this, when we show this, when we live this.

This is not going to be anything close to easy. You know how you’ll be able do this, to express this love? – Lean on Him, study the Word, let it mould you, let it perfect you. Stay in His presence, bask in it, commune with Him, and trust in Him.

In the text, John made us to understand that God is love. That is His name, His personality, His way. He noted that ‘anyone who does not love is not from God’.

Love is the God-way. Not hate, not strife, not vengeance.


As He is, so we are. We express Him, we express us, the real us, the us in Him.

Let’s make that choice today. Let’s choose love.

Verse To Ponder (Christmas Special)

It’s that time of the year again. We install lights, we wish one another a merry Christmas, we decorate our houses, et al. Whenever refreshment’s served, some people go say, ‘Na here I go die today’. (LOL) Enjoyment galore! I understand…

It’s all good, there’s nothing bad in doing that. But, sometimes we miss the real point. We get so easily carried away with the thrills of this season that we forget that all that really matters is that Christ restored us, His prophecies were fulfilled, He saved us…forever…

I know there are contentions on if Christmas should at all be celebrated. That’s not my focus here, but, I just need to say that Christmas is good as long as it is celebrated for the right cause, which is, the birth of Christ, and the hope that it gave for a restoration (a restoration which we are now graced to experience, Salvation).

Christmas should not be celebrated in isolation. Christmas is just a part (an important part) of the full message. Christmas should be celebrated with the subsequent important parts in view. The incarnation, death, and subsequent resurrection of Jesus! His victory over death, His purpose fulfilled in us! Hallelujah! This should be our Christmas! The salvation gift in full view! This was Jesus’s purpose while on earth. This should be our reason for celebrating Christmas.

Have you accepted the gift of salvation? You know, that’s the reason why Jesus came for us in the first place. That’s what all this is about. Yes. God wants you to make your choice, still.

Do you believe? Do you believe in this eternal gift? I tell you, It was one costly gift. He left His throne, came down naturally (not with some triumphant entry like descending majestically from Heaven), born like many of us were born too, He grew up, fulfilled His ministry, died, and resurrected!



He gave us another shot at this. Yet, He gave us a choice. Believing is the only way to eternal life, anything contrary to this leads to damnation.

Make your choice today…

Do you believe?

Let’s remember to show some love, and help as much as we can, and in any way we can. Remember the Widow’s mite? Even that bit we have, whether material or not (a friend of mine (re-)opened my eyes to this. It could be emotional, or mental help, or even the priceless help of the gospel and the message of salvation), let’s give. And, not just this season (or, in this season), let us start this new lifestyle. Let us cultivate it.

I’ll give what I have, and what I can. Please, do the same…

A merry Christmas to you all!

Verse To Ponder

Today’s Verse To Ponder is one that talks about a very important concept – Love.

Love? – Yes, love.

The love we’re talking about here is not the common (carnal, human) love; No. It’s the (divine) love of God. Yes.

This love is a kind that’s (I’ll refer to it as) crazy! It’s crazy, really!

We all know the John 3:16 verse, it probably sums this up,

For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him, shall not perish, but have everlasting life

This is how God’s love works. It’s divine. He gave His Son’s life for sinful us. That’s His love. Unconditional

God’s way is love. He’s, in fact, Love Himself (1 John 4:8). We, His children, ought to work in love too (1 John 4:7-8).

This is why Paul so emphasised love, even over the spiritul gifts. After, a discourse on spiritual gifts being worked effectively, He said, “you should earnestly desire the greatest gifts, but, let me show you the best way of all“. Going into chapter 13, we come to know that this ‘way’ is love.

To Paul, as important as the spiritual gifts were, if you didn’t (don’t) have love, there was (is) still something missing. Love is patient, kind, not envious, not boastful, selfless, not resentful, not unjust, et al

This love, Paul says, is ‘the most excellent way’. Self denial, selflessness, humility. It asks for a lot from us, doesn’t it? But, it’s worth it!

I seek to follow “the most excellent way”. I seek to walk in this love.

As I start today, I urge you to join me.

Every Other Day…

The picture I attached is one I made a screenshot of for quite some time now. It’s one I actually like a lot. A friend of mine had posted it on a social media platform, and I saw a message in it. I don’t know if it’s the same message that you might be seeing, but, to me, the message was clear (and still is),

‘Don’t let the fear of the unknown comsume you, just do what you have to, in the time you’re to do it, and do it as well as you can’

You see, Snoopy’s reply is an ideal one, and one we should learn from. No one said you shouldn’t make plans for or expect the worse; No. The unknown always hunts us, it lurks around the corners, but we mustn’t let it haunt us. We should face it.

The other character in the image, the boy, asked a question which wasn’t wrong as such – No, not at all. He was been aware and concerned about how indefinite life was. How unpredictable. How (seemingly) vain. But, Snoopy there gave us the perfect reply to this,

‘Yes, but every other day we’ll live’

‘Every other day’? We’ve got time! You see?! That’s the spirit! That’s the positivity! We need to think positively in every situation.

We have to utilise the time we have well, not waste it doing unprofitable things. Do the right things, make the right plans,…’Live’…

Now, this is just the logical reasoning to this.

If we look at this from a spiritual view, as a christian, we know that in scriptures we were told severally to use time well. This pick in Ephesians 5:15-16 applies well to this,

15 Look carefully then how you walk! Live purposefully and worthily and accurately, not as the unwise and witless, but as wise (sensible, intelligent people)

16 Making the very most of the time [buying up each opportunity], because the days are evil. (Amplified version)

‘Because the days are evil’? The dangers, the unknown (as I had termed it earlier) are not trivialized. They are acknowledged. You see? That’s why we believers need to use our times well! More study of the word, more prayers, more ‘looking at Christ as the mirror’ in order to be changed into his likeness, more of the gospel, more devotion to God.

Honestly, I might not be doing the whole of this in high proportions right now, but I’m not giving up on it either. It’s possible! After all, we have God! Just put your mind to it, God’ll help you along the way.

In context, Paul was talking to the Ephesian church about their behaviour and way of living. He admonished them to live in a way that befits their (the believer’s) nature as a child of God.

As christians, our lives must be lived for God. We must give all of ourselves for Him. Sold out. The one thing we must resonate is the gospel of Christ (which, candidly, I’ve not fully grasped, I’m getting to understand it more), his life must be expressed through us.

This might not be easy, but God’ll lead us through. That’s the purpose of our lives. Without that relationship with Christ, there’ll always remain that vacuum in us. That yearning for a greater call. Even above our secular pursuits, this is prime. God’s work. That’s how to truly ‘live’!

I seek to live (and I already am living, to the glory of God)!

I choose God’s way, because, in it I find true purpose, and like Paul declared in one of His letters, at the end, I would have lived a life worth living!

How about you?

I urge you to do the same…

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